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Kind of a test to see if I remember...

Monday, July 04, 2005

She's Back (Meaning Me and Fiona)!


So the hiatus was longer than I expected, but I'm trying to adjust to the real world. Scary stuff, but it's working out really well. NYC is my favorite place ever, so it's good to be back.

I got a new computer (iBook, what what) and all of my mp3s are on my old computer which is at my parents' house in Ohio, so my iPod hasn't been updated in awhile. The last time I put new songs onto it was April, so that's the time frame of stuff I've been listening to. Which brings me to Fiona...I know she was all over the place when her songs leaked onto the internet, and everyone and their mother was talking about her. And now I'm talking about her. I loved the songs when I first heard them, and was all about it. Then I got distracted and kind of forgot about her album and the controversy surrounding it. But lately, I've been listening to her again nonstop, especially Oh Well

Though many of the songs are more melodic than some of her old tunes, it's the lyrics that kill me. I'm assuming it deals with her breakup with Paul Thomas Anderson, though that could be completely wrong.

"What you did to me made me see myself something awful
A voice once stentorian is now again meek and muffled
It took me such a long time to get back up the first time you did it
I spent all I had to get it back, and now it seems I've been outbidden."

Who else would use the word "stentorian"?

Also, Regnyouth has a link to the whole album.

So what's the deal with the album? Fiona says that originally, the story was that Sony didn't think it was marketable, so they shelved it. But now, it seems that maybe Fiona was unhappy with the production. So they may be re-doing it as a second third album. Regardless of whether Fiona is a victim or not, I'm still a fan of this .

Another thing I have always remembered about Fiona is from an article in Seventeen magazine from when Tidal first came out. She said in an interview that she used to rollerskate around her dining room table when she was 13 listening to one of her favorite songs, Like a Rolling Stone which is also one of my favorite songs.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Again, Worst Blogger Ever

Hi, sorry, I'm in the process of moving to NYC and starting a new job, so I'm not going to be around too much to blog. So, to the three people that actually read this, please excuse the hiatus, and expect a mini re-launch in a week or two. :-)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Actual Original Stalkee

I have to say...I kind of lied when I said that Matt was the original stalkee. :-/ Not so much lied as forgot. I know, I know, how could I forget Melissa Roth?! She was the first person I stalked (unless I am forgetting others, which could very well be the case). Actually, it was more that I was stalking the association of which she was the president last year. But then she graduated and moved away and left me :-(. So my stalking has not been up to par. She started a job a few months ago as...and no, I am not making this up...a professional cheerleader! Well, kind of. She works for Americheer in Columbus, Ohio. She goes to all the events and everything. If there is anyone I know who would become a professional cheerleader post-college, it is Melissa.

I begged her to send me pictures of her at work, and she graciously agreed. This picture is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

I should also mention that I'm the Founding Member/President/CEO of The Melissa Roth Fan Club. Since I am also the only member, I do all of the secretarial and treasury work, as well. It's getting to be too much for me, so I'm currently accepting applications for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer. But, a warning: we have a very rigorous screening process. :-)

Yeah, she is seriously wearing that. Melissa is the one jumping with the crazy hair. Lol, NOT. She's holding the sign.

Carmen totally hooked it up with better Troubled Hubble pics. She is a much better stalker than me. :-) We love tambourines, especially green and pink ones.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Troubled Hubble obscured by freakishly tall indie boy and girl Posted by Hello

Musical Stalkalicious Weekend

So, how glad was I that my old bud Carmen could come back for the weekend? She came from what is known as "the real world." I've heard it's quite scary. We got to hit up a free concert at my school, that was featuring The Wrens, Troubled Hubble, Fizzgig, and Southeast Engine, among others. All the bands rocked, but my favs were definitely Troubled Hubble and The Wrens. I'm bummed I was too late to see Southeast Engine, but I saw them last year, and they're great live.

Troubled Hubble will forever be a favorite. I will probably start stalking them online (I already became a Myspace friend of theirs). I just realized what a loser I am for writing that, lol. Anyway, they are a rocking band and showed us their tour bus and gave us ice cream and snowcones. They were hanging around with The Wrens for a few shows, and are soon going to open for Maximo Park. If you get a chance to see them live, I suggest you do it. They're great. I took some pictures, but they turned out terribly because these tall indie kids kept getting in the way. And where did all these indie people come from in Athens? Athens has mostly frat boys and hippies. I think they were bussed in for the concert. But I enjoyed it, at any rate.

The Wrens rocked quite hard. They started off chill and then just totally ripped it up. I was kind of bummed that they didn't play She Sends Kisses, but...then they ended with it for the encore.

I also saw an old stalkee there, Jim. Go check out his promotional company! He rules.

Dodge has some Wrens tunes that you should definitely check out. Especially "I Guess We're Done." It was one of the highlights of the show. Carmen kept saying how "pretty" it was, ha ha. Which it is. And I don't know where Dodge got that mp3?! I thought they said while they were playing it that it was on an upcoming EP that wasn't available yet. OH, I just realized...bloggers are "cool" and get things before everyone else :-).

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Worst Blogger Ever

Sorry about the lack of postings. I have exams this week, so I've been totally sporatic about when I've actually been on the internet and whatnot.

In case you were wondering; yes, I do get my vocabulary solely from Clueless. I also make the little W with my fingers when I say "Whatever."